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Registration is now open for the CYONY Track Club.



What it means to be part of TEAM CYONY:

Keeping true to our parent organization's mission to serve "non-Catholic and Catholics alike", ALL are welcome and ENCOURAGED to become a member of the Catholic Youth Organization of New York (CYONY) Running Program as a team member or volunteer. Here you will find important information to assist in this decision making process.  First, no previous experience in track and field is necessary for your child to join. You will find that this program is designed to encourage and inspire the beginner runner to the experienced youth athlete who is committed to taking the next level in training. Our NCAA and CYO coaches will ensure that EVERY team member has an equal opportunity to excel with the same level of direction REGARDLESS of skill or previous experience.

The Club:

There are no tryouts. The CYONY track club will provide a youth athletics program for all individuals looking to participate in additional meets with the USATF outside of the CYO season. The weekly practices will be conducted by local CYO, and NCAA coaches. Though we are competing outside of the CYO season, our mission always “strives to develop values and strength of character in tomorrow’s leaders…”

The Catholic Youth Organization is grounded in Catholic values and is a registered 501c non-profit organization under the Catholic Charities Community Services. Keeping true to our parent organization's mission "non-Catholic and Catholics alike", all are welcome to join this program. It is expected that all children attend practice as much as possible, AND compete on weekends. We do not compete EVERY weekend, but we do compete often. Schedules will be posted before each season begins. This year’s schedules will be posted on our website, as an example. The Spring of 2016 will mark the inaugural season as we become a competitive track program offering all three seasons. Please remember that the schedule below is evolving. We will provide specific information regarding the meets and practices once registration is complete. Here are the basic program details:

Approximate Dates and Key Events for Seasons:

Fall Season-September 1 - November 30 (National Championships first and second week in December)

  • Practice site(s) Van Cortlandt Park or TBD 4:00 pm-6:00 pm
  • USATF Meets
  • Nike XC Meet

Winter Season-December 1 - March 15 (National Championships second week in March)

  • Practice site(s) TBD 4:00 pm-6:00 pm
  • USATF Meets
  • Association Championship Meet

Spring Season-April 1-June 30

  • Practice site(s) Mount St Michael Academy, Bronx 5:30 pm- 7:00 pm
  • USATF Meets
  • Association Championship Meets

Weekly Training Program/Practice:

There will be 2 supervised team workouts a week for 10 months. The first technical workout will be supervised by a nationally recognized coach. The second workout will be supervised by a CYO coach. The nationally recognized coaches will also construct a full training schedule for 10 months in addition to the 2 off season months. Meaning, the CYO coaches and volunteers will have the tools needed to drive the training program during workout days where the technical coach isn't "in person." It's important to note that every child will be given a weekly training schedule which will require running and training outside of the supervised practices. Again, this training program will be constructed by nationally recognized high school and NCAA coaches and driven by CYO coaches.

Does This Replace My Current CYO Track Program?

No. In fact we’d encourage you to participate in both programs if possible. This is an option for those individuals looking for a more specialized program. We have witnessed strong personal growth in individual performances which was the nucleus of the formation of the CYONY Club Team. This team does not replace your current CYO parish team. Rather, it's an extension of the CYO that gives grade school athletes a rare opportunity to receive direct instruction from NCAA track and field coaches. 

Our parish teams are the very backbone of the CYO. The CYONY Club Team is a product of the growth and success of the parish teams and the work and effort that is put forth by all the volunteers. The Club team is NOT an all-star team or a traveling team. We will compete in USATF sanctioned events, against a national competition. We do not compete in CYO sanctioned events against other CYO teams. During CYO meets all athletes will participate on their respective CYO or participating school team. 

TEAM CYONY will give team members an opportunity to expand on an already strong foundation built and maintained by the parish teams. The success of Team CYONY is wholly dependent on the continued success and growth of your current CYO program. 


Advantages of Cross Sport Participation

Did you know that 59% of the players selected in the 2014 NFL draft, also ran track and field or competed in a running/throwing track and field event in high school or college? 

Running track and field enhances an athletes overall performance in other sports by strengthening the athletes cardio, strength (core), running form, breathing, and stretching. Not sure if track and field will help your CYO Basketball performance? Consider this the next time you're running up and down the hardwood floor...the average high school basketball player runs 4.35-5 miles a GAME, assuming they play 31 minutes. Let's say you only play 10 minutes, you're still running 1-2 miles a GAME. The same holds true for Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Baseball, Softball. Learning how to run properly will elevate your performance in ANY other sport you compete. 

Meet the Team:

A key element that differentiates the CYONY Track Club from other local programs is that our team will be directed by nationally recognized NCAA coaches working side by side with CYO coaches and coordinators. Their extensive personal and professional track and field experiences will allow us to build a sustainable track program. These individuals include:

Our Coordinators:

Stefan Anikewich, CYONY Program Volunteer, Track and Field Coach, IHM, Scarsdale

Stefan Anikewich is a Track and Field coach for the Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Scarsdale, New York. The program currently has 60 children enrolled in a 4 season program.  A passionate 4th generation distance runner, Stefan trains 50-75 miles a week. In 2015, Mr. Anikewich and fellow coach, Lee Manning started a youth summer trail running clinic in lower Westchester. In the programs Inaugural season, they attracted runners from 11 different area schools. Stefan is a graduate of Iona Preparatory High School, Saint Thomas Aquinas College and is finishing an advance degree in Applied Behavioral Analysis from Manhattanville College in Purchase (2016). Mr. Anikewich was mentored for a decade by the late Monsignor Lorenzo Albacete, an American theologian, Roman Catholic priest, scientist, author and one of the leaders in the United States for the international Catholic movement Communion and Liberation.

Olga Lee-Kong, CYONY Program Volunteer, Bio coming soon

Tim Flynn, Upstate CYO Volunteer Track & Field - Cross Country Director

Anyone who has participated in the Upstate CYO Track & Field meets has witnessed first hand Mr Flynn's involvement and influence, which has spurred on the growth and formation of new programs. in 2014, The Invest In Others Charitable Foundation recognizes Leaders in the Financial Industry that give back to their community. In all, over 300 nominations were submitted. Mr. Flynn was the only nominee to receive Honorable Mention in two categories for his direct impact on the CYO Track & Field Program that has grown to serve over 350 children.  In Tim's short tenure in leading the Upstate CYO Track/Cross Country Program, the program now has grown to encompass clinics and a 3 season schedule of Outdoor, Indoor track and Cross Country. The program continues to grow with each season and more children are joining, Programs are forming at parishes and schools because the children are participating in a professionally organized activity. The program is on pace to double in size again in the next two seasons. 

But if you ask Tim why he volunteers so much of his time, he will tell you a very simple answer, “It’s all for the kids”. Like so many of the volunteer coaches and parents that will be associated with this program, It is that grounded approach that will drive this program to be successful.

All of these individuals will work DIRECTLY with our runners and coaching staff to ensure that the key elements of a successful and sustainable training program are in place. 


How to Register (rolling registration): 

All Children must preregister, No walk - up participants will be permitted and all proper documentation must be submitted prior to attending the first scheduled practice or meet. Online registration is the preferred method of registration, regardless of payment type. Secure registration and payment options are available online. Please use the "register online" button above to sign up your child for the program. Whether paying online by creditcard/Paypal/direct deposit or if paying by check, no Registration is not complete until the payment has been received and processed. Registration must be completed by the participant's parent. If you would like to register and pay by check, please complete the online registration process and mail your payment, check made out to "CYO" to:

Catholic Youth Organization
Attn: Seth Peloso
1011 First Avenue, 6th FL
New York, NY 10022


Anyone wishing to submit paperforms, please download the following forms and return via email to   or fax to 212-826-3347. 

Requirements: Information for Registering, Fees, Paperwork:

  1. Child must be in grades 3-8 and meet the age requirements for entry into USATF meets.
  2. A CLEAR copy of the athlete's birth certificate (can be uploaded on registration page)
  3. Completed medical form signed by a Doctor
  4. Completed online registration or completed registration papers. 
    (All forms are available for download)
    • Club Application Form - Online
    • Waiver/Release Form - Online
    • Medical Form (To Be Completed By A Medical Doctor)
    • Birth Certificate (clear photocopy) - Can be uploaded in registration process
    • Authorization to photograph - Online

The Fees:

The annual cost of the program will be $650 for all 3 seasons from the date of your registration. Each participant can either pay in full for all 3 seasons or pay for the current season (ie Fall, Winter or Spring for $325.00).

The costs will cover:

  • Registration fees for all USATF meets (16 total for 3 seasons),
  • 2 supervised practices a week (1 by a nationally recognized coach for 10 months
  • an annual club membership to the USATF; and
  • an individualized training program for the year.
  • any facility fees required to conduct practice
  • All CYO meet entry fees.



Uniforms will be required. This cost is not covered by your CYONY registration fees. Each athlete needs to purchase, at minimum, a singlet. Matching color bottoms will also be required but do not have to be purchased through the CYO. during the online registration process, you can prepay and select your desired size.

USATF Membership:

Team CYONY will register our team under a “club membership.” The USATF may require additional paperwork. The club membership fees are covered under your CYONY registration fees.


Scholarship opportunities for CYONY are available. If you’re interested in more information, please contact .

Parent/Athlete responsibilities include:

  • Travel to and from practice and meets
  • Entry to Regional/National Qualifiers or meets
  • Lodging and related expenses at Regional or National meets
  • Private training
  • Uniforms (including replacement uniforms if misplaced/lost/damaged)

CYO Coach Volunteers:

We are actively looking for CYO coach volunteers to join this exciting club! The CYO coaches will work side by side with the NCAA coaches in rolling out and sustaining the training program. Please contact us if you’re interested in coaching.

Parental Involvement:

Parents, guardians, family members and caretakers play a crucial role in the success of the program. The child athletes really embrace and appreciate the extra support. We encourage all members to participate as spectators or volunteers as needed. If you would like to volunteer your time, please send an email to Seth Peloso or Stefan Anikewich.

Conduct Statement:

Players, coaches, officials, parents and spectators are to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates respect to other players, coaches, officials, parents, spectators and fans. In becoming a member of this organization, an individual assumes certain obligations and responsibilities to the organization and its participants. The essential elements in this Code of Conduct are HONESTY and INTEGRITY. Those who conduct themselves in a manner that reflects these elements will bring credit to themselves, their team and their organization. It is only through such conduct that our organization can continue to earn and maintain a positive image and make its full contribution to our sport and community.

Code of Conduct:

The following essential elements of the Code of Conduct must be followed:

1. Sportsmanship and teaching the concepts of fair play are essential to the sport and must be taught at all levels and developed both at home and on the field during practices and meets.

2. The value of good sportsmanship and the concepts of fair play should always be placed above winning.

3. The safety and welfare of the players are of primary importance.

4. Players should always demonstrate positive behavior and respect toward teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, parents and spectators.

5. Coaches, players, parents and spectators are expected to demonstrate the utmost respect for officials and reinforce that respect to athletes/teammates.

6. Grievances or misunderstandings between coaches, officials or any other parties involved with the organization should be communicated through the proper channels and procedures, never on or about the field of play in view of spectators or participants.

7. Spectators involved with the sport must never permit anyone to openly or maliciously criticize, badger, harass or threaten an official, coach, player or opponent.

8. Eligibility requirements, at all levels, must be followed. Rules and requirements such as age, previous level of participation, team transfers, etc, have been established to encourage and maximize participation, fair play and to promote safety.

Also, this program runs parallel to local CYO programs and meets. In short, if your child is currently enrolled in a school based CYO track and field program, this will not be a conflict.

Please contact if you have any questions regarding the program.