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Archdiocese of NY

CYO Rosters    


In the spirit of fair play, all CYO Coordinators are required to submit a team roster to the Archdiocese of NY CYO Office before a team's first CYO league game. The roster will include coach, player, and guardian contacts, as well as information used to determine player and team eligibility. Coordinators may delegate roster submission to coaches, but it is the Coordinator's responsibility to ensure all player information is accurate and complete. 

Timeline for Roster Submission

  • Rosters are due by November 1
  • A team will receive an automatic forfeit on all league games played before a team roster is submitted.
  • Any updates to a roster after submission must be received no later than December 1.       

Roster Forms

There are 3 approved formats for Rosters:

  1. Roster Form PDF Version

This is the same Roster Form from last season. If you used this Roster Form, and saved it to your computer, you should be able to update it with current information, rather than retype it from scratch. You will not need to re-download the form.  Click here for more information and to access the form.

  1. Roster Form - Excel Version

This is a new form this season. It is very similar to the PDF version, only it uses Excel rather than PDF. You will be able to save this form and update it next year.  Click here for more information and to access the form.

  1. Roster data in an Excel Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet template is for Coordinators who want to submit  the roster data for all the registered teams in their Parish/School on a single Excel spreadsheet, rather than re-key or ask coaches to re-key data into a form.  Click here for more information and to access a sample spreadsheet.

How to Submit a Roster

The preferred method of roster submission is to complete the roster on a computer, save the file, and email it as a file attachment. If no electronic method of roster creation is available, a roster form may be filled in by hand, and then either scanned and emailed, or printed and faxed.

  1. Emailed rosters should go to:

  2. Faxed rosters should go to:212-826-3347

If you have questions or need help submitting the form, please contact Seth Peloso via email or at 646-794-2050